About Us

Welcome to Best Way Events Management Pvt. Ltd.

Our event management company in Bhubaneswar is here to undertake, handle and carry on business in India and abroad connected with events for different corporate companies or individuals that includes any experiences such as organizing and managing luxury events, government & private events, road shows including financial market, expositions, seminars, fashion shows, concerts, lavish parties, conferences, social events.

These social events also include summer camp for children, game shows, fun events & theme such as Disney theme, corporate golf tours, corporate family carnival, brand launches, brand promotion and management, cultural events & celebrity management, award nights, entertainment shows, music shows, exhibitions, star nights, event management shows, fashion shows, organizing fairs, expositions, meets, product launches, concerts, gala dinners, weddings, pedals, religious events, government, college and school festivals, theme parties, Online promotion of events, concerts, live shows, parties and sale of tickets or simply bookings & reservations and to acquire, purchase, sale, import or export, let on hire, install for that purposes various things, equipment’s and systems viz. audio visual systems, exhibitions, display panels and boards, conference kit and guides, and to provide support services including venue decor and infrastructural support as providing venue booking, no objection certificates and government permissions, sound and light arrangements, fabrication of stalls, stage platforms, decorative items, transportation and labor or any other device or systems to execute the said business.

The Beginning of Best Way Event Management Pvt. Ltd.

Best Way Event Management Pvt. Ltd. was formed and registered as a legal entity by Mr. Akshaya Kumar Maharana – a previously disadvantaged individual – in the year 2018.
Situated in B-44/ Ruchika Market, Housing Board Colony, Baramunda, Bhubaneswar, Odisha the company has supplied its professional services to customers all over India Even throughout those young years of the Best Way Event Management Pvt. Ltd., the company has strived to satisfy its clients with pride!

Best Way Event Certification

The Best Way Event management has been bestowed with many certificates for their dedication and commendable work. Event Management Association of Odisha has given the certificate of association membership to Akshya Kumar Maharana from Best Way Event Management. This certificate makes him a certified member of the Event Management Association of Odisha. The certificate & the certification come under the category of the event management agency.


Our Mission

At Best Way Event Management Pvt. Ltd. we pride ourselves in the satisfaction we bring to all our clients.
We make it our mission to deliver professionally implemented events to our clients by understanding their intentions and services, showing our commitment to clients and service partners alike.
Best Way Event Management Pvt. Ltd. provides a dependable service, always aiming to achieve impeccable and unequaled skillfully executed events.

We have a thorough understanding of the corporate and small business environment, therefore setting our vision:
❖ To be a locally successful, sought after and well respected events management company in all aspects present.
❖ To provide a personalized approach in rendering any service possible, offering services from concepts to production.
❖ To price each of our clients according to their personal needs, surpassing their expectations along the way.

Our Values

❖ Best Way Event Management Pvt. Ltd. stands for the utmost dependability and objectivity, both with our clients and where we conduct our business.
❖ We place a high value on our two biggest assets : our clients and our team of professionals, valuing their hard work.
❖ We value hard work, dependability & morality, ethical moralities and respect for all individuals making us move forward and strong in the business industry today.